Unhappy Earth Day: The Seas Still Rise

A decade ago, I talked to Pacific Institute about their report predicting that the coastal metropoles of California, the world’s fifth largest economy, would be swallowed by sea rise. Unhappy Earth Day. 🌎

Ten years later, the only significant change is how bad our existential crisis has worsened. We are still drowning in an exponological catastrophe, while solutions stare us in the face as our children take to the streets. It somehow still remains too painful for us to admit that not just Los Angeles and San Francisco but also New York and more will sink beneath the rising zeas.

There has been another notable change, for those in search of some good news. More activists and artists are paying attention to not just climate crisis but also the cli-fi we sell ourselves to process that pain. Check out some of my work in this globally warmed area, written during often darker times.

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