Memo to Obama: Save Earth

It’s amazing to think that 2008 is over at last. It ended rough with the death of my grandmother, but something good came of it.

I now want to help human society live as long as it possibly can.

So I will move on from the literal death of 2008 to the renewal of 2009, which brings new blood into our global community in the form of a president whose head isn’t full stuck up the ass of Big Whatever. Let’s be real: Barack Obama can’t change the world on his own. But with enough pressure, he can help steer it down the right path. To do that, I talked to a bunch of enviro policy nerds for Plenty Mag and drafted up a list of ten recommendations for America’s new president.

Start your hybrid engines.

10 Global-Warming Policy Recommendations For the Obama Administration
With near-consensus among scientists that catastrophic consequences of anthropogenic global warming are already on their way, yet little being done to avert it, it’s time for the US to begin treating the climate crisis like the planetary emergency that it is. The new presidential administration has a rare opportunity to seize the moment and reassert American leadership on this crucial issue of security, social justice, and economic well-being. I asked experts working across the energy-policy spectrum on how the professedly green Obama administration can hit the ground running. MORE @ PLENTY

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