Unhappy Halloween: COP26, DOOM

It is probably not an existential accident that the intertextual hip hop legend MF DOOM passed away on the same hallowed holiday that our superpowers converged on an environmental conference seeking to implement a legally binding, enforceable agreement to stop destroying Earth.

But it doesn’t feel like it.

Starting today and celebrated by millions who matter, #DOOMSDAY honors our legendary MF DOOM — the masked rapper from across the pond, who was never allowed by the United States to settle down in New York before he sadly left us last year on Halloween.

Also starting today, on the same uncanny holiday that once claimed DOOM, COP26 — the latest in a series of way too many ineffective, inconsequential conference of parties on the climate crisis — kicked off with a fury of white privilege that would make even Marvel megavillain Doctor Doom, who bequeathed his name and fame to DOOM himself, blush like a baby. U.S. President Joe Biden spent COP26’s Halloween trying to explain that just because he wants all of the involved parties to keep producing oil and gas, doesn’t technically mean that he doesn’t want to #ActOnClimate.

That’s a lot of words.

And there are two weeks still to go. Will our so-called civilization need a COP27 before it actually agrees to stop oiling and gassing our planet, and everything on it, to doom and death?

Check back in two weeks. 💀

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