Vuture Funds Savaged in Liberia

February 25, 2010 Morphizm 0

[Greg Palast, Guardian UK] Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the president of Liberia, is urging MPs to back a bill banning vulture funds from using British courts to prey on poor countries […]

Kvetcher in the Rye

February 1, 2010 Morphizm 0

[Greg Palast, Morphizm] In the sixth grade, the Boys’ Vice-Principal threatened to suspend me from school unless I stopped carrying around The Catcher in the Rye I think because it […]

The Manchurian Candidates

January 22, 2010 Morphizm 0

[Greg Palast, Morphizm] In today’s Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Court ruled that corporations should be treated the same as “natural persons”, i.e. humans. […]

The Right Testicle of Hell: Haiti

January 19, 2010 Morphizm 0

[Greg Palast, Morphizm] 1. Bless the President for having rescue teams in the air almost immediately. That was President Olafur Grimsson of Iceland. On Wednesday, the AP reported that the […]

WTO Partying Like It’s 1999

November 30, 2009 Morphizm 0

[Greg Palast, Morphizm] GENEVA — Apparently, one meltdown isn’t enough for the World Trade Organization. They meet today in Geneva on the tenth anniversary of the “Battle in Seattle,” the […]

Afghanistan By Hypnosis

November 5, 2009 Morphizm 0

[Greg Palast, Morphizm] On September 11, 2001, my office building, the World Trade Center, was attacked by al Qaeda, a murder cult of Saudi Arabians, funded by Saudi Arabians. And […]

Dr. Kevorkian’s Accountant

October 15, 2009 Morphizm 0

[Greg Palast, Morphizm] Tell me where it hurts, Mr. President. What’s killing you is what’s killing us all: An evil germ called “Medical Loss Ratio.” “Medical Loss Ratio” [MLR] is […]

The Next Drowning of New Orleans

August 27, 2009 Morphizm 0

[Greg Palast, Morphizm] Ivor van Heerden is the professor at Louisiana State University’s Hurricane Center who warned the levees of New Orleans were ready to blow — months and years […]

Obama’s “Way To Go, Brownie” Moment

December 12, 2008 Morphizm 0

[Greg Palast, Morphizm] Has Barack Obama forgotten, “Way-to-go, Brownie”? Michael Brown was that guy from the Arabian Horse Association appointed by George Bush to run the Federal Emergency Management Agency. […]

How McCain Could Win

November 4, 2008 Morphizm 0

[Greg Palast, Morphizm] It’s November 5 and the nation is in shock. Media blame it on the “Bradley effect”: Americans supposedly turned into Klansmen inside the voting booth, and Barack […]