Ten Years After: Grant Morrison

It’s amazing to think I’ve been interviewing Grant Morrison for over a decade. It’s been deep.

From Doom Patrol to The Invisibles, I had read his experimental comics masterpieces for much longer than that. But my journalism beat proper started with the sprawling chat below, and followed with many more. Since then, Grant’s work has gone transmedia, from the sublime All-Star Superman to the horrific comedy of Happy! and the merry, scary beyond.

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Grant Morrison Gets Deep On Superman, Batman, Cosmology

“I tried to be true to the concept of Superman as I understood it. It seemed fairly significant that the more threatening the world has been made to feel, the more this concept of the superhero has bled from the margins into mainstream consciousness, onto screens and T-shirts and into political speeches. That seemed worth exploring via the original superhero, Superman. He seemed the perfect subject for what became an attempt to make a mainstream, adult superhero comic that didn’t rely on ultraviolence, or superheroes swearing and getting their dicks out…”

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