Ten Years After: Grant Morrison

March 21, 2019 Morphizm 0

It’s amazing to think I’ve been interviewing Grant Morrison for over a decade now, having read his experimental comics masterpieces for much longer than that. It’s been deep.

Superman Defies America, God In 900th Issue

May 1, 2011 Morphizm 0

The genius of Superman is that he belongs to everyone, for the dual purposes of peace and protection. He’s above ephemeral geopolitics and nationalist concerns, a universal agent unlike any other found in pop culture.

Give Thanks For Colbert, Superman, Batman

November 26, 2009 Morphizm 0

Stephen Colbert’s nightly merge of news, hilarity, social commentary, wit and shameless plugs for everything from his painting in the Smithsonian to his marketable man-seed have fully turned the pop-culture’s self-obsessed mirror upon itself.

Superman + Batman = Public Enemies

October 8, 2009 Morphizm 0

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies packs more heroes, action and political satire into a couple hours of entertainment than either icon’s animated series did in the course of several seasons.

Gimme Some (Superman) Truth

June 16, 2009 Morphizm 0

Ruled as a suicide, Reeves’ death inspires a series of conspiracy theories and the interpretive biopic Hollywoodland, as well as a persistent urban legend, itself famously known as the Superman curse.