Superman + Batman = Public Enemies

DC Comics and Warner Bros.’ sixth straight-to-DVD animated film is also their best. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies packs more heroes, action and political satire into a couple hours of entertainment than either icon’s animated series did in the course of several seasons.

Expertly directed by Sam Liu and based on the first story arc of Jeph Loeb’s 2003-2004 comic Superman/Batman, the PG-13 movie is a parable of power pushed to its limit.

When America falls into political and economic turmoil rife with repression and riots in the streets, Superman’s mortal enemy Lex Luthor (voiced by the mighty Clancy Brown) steps into the power vacuum to become president. And while his soft totalitarian rule initially brings order out of the chaos, his base human egotism cannot abide a benevolent immortal alien like Superman (voiced by Man of Steel lifer Tim Daly) openly ignoring his state-sanctioned power.

And so the chessboard is set, with Luthor and his pawns Captain Atom, Power Girl and Major Force trying to woo Superman over to the dark side as the Man of Steel goes into hiding with the Dark Knight (voiced by Batman immortal Kevin Conroy)…

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“I tried to be true to the concept of Superman as I understood it. It seemed fairly significant that the more threatening the world has been made to feel, the more this concept of the superhero has bled from the margins into mainstream consciousness, onto screens and T-shirts and into political speeches. That seemed worth exploring via the original superhero, Superman. He seemed the perfect subject for what became an attempt to make a mainstream, adult superhero comic that didn’t rely on ultraviolence, or superheroes swearing and getting their dicks out…”

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