Rest In Peace, Vertigo (Again)

When the quite influential Karen Berger left DC Comics after leading its mature, visionary imprint Vertigo into the history books, I wrote at Wired that Vertigo would soon follow. I was on or off by a few years, give or take a few years.

This week, Vertigo lost its last stand and folded into the wider, widening gyre once known as the DC Comics industry — and now known as the blockbuster-transmedia-content-once-based-on-comics … industry. You can find it everywhere, and much of the thanks for that goes to the still comparatively unsung Berger — who (thankfully) now runs an eponymous imprint at Dark Horse, after nearly 20 years of bringing legends like Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison and more to the big time.

You can catch up with my coverage of the capitalization of comics — from DC Comics and many others — starting below and into the beyond.

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