Karen Berger’s Coolest Vertigo Comics

DC Comics has lost one of its most influential tastemakers with the news that executive editor Karen Berger will be stepping down from Vertigo Comics, the DC Comics imprint she founded and ran since its inception in 1993. In her nearly 20 years running Vertigo, Berger helped birth numerous legendary comics, like Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta, which often reached beyond the usual superhero audience of DC Comics and left a lasting mark on pop culture.

And now that Vertigo characters like Sandman, John Constantine, Animal Man and writers like Scott Snyder (American Vampire) have been absorbed into the regular DC Comics superhero universe, thanks to its sprawling but uneven New 52 reboots, who knows long it may be before Vertigo itself follows Berger into the storied comics’ sunset?

One could argue that its credibility just did.

We’ve collected a gallery of some of Vertigo’s greatest hits launched under Berger’s forward-looking watch, alongside some testimonials from their creators and artists. Let us know your favorite Vertigo comics and thoughts on Berger’s legacy in the comments section below