Post Up! Colbert’s Musical May Suck

What is with Stephen Colbert and Toby Keith? Why does the one invite the other on his show, when he seems to be the type of unmitigated tool Colbert makes fun of on the regular? Who knows? Either way, Keith will have scored the hat trick after the righteously hilarious “A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!” airs this November. I vented further for Wired today.

Could Stephen Colbert’s Christmas Musical Suck?
Really? Again? Colbert has been a beast when it comes to music, handing off his stage to Rush, The Roots, The Apples in Stereo, R.E.M. and more. And considering that few are disputing that he is the king of comedy these days, one assumes he could have landed anyone he wanted. So why did he want Keith?

Perhaps, but probably not, because Keith was the subject of H.Res. 1255, authored by Tom Cole (R-OK) and reportedly considered on the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday. The resolution is rather simple; it “honors Toby Keith’s commitment to our country’s Armed Forces overseas” and “encourages other entertainers to take into consideration Toby Keith’s deep commitment to boosting the morale of our Nation’s Armed Forces when supporting USO operations.” Some people just have to much time to kill. MORE @ WIRED