Metromixed! Tindersticks, Amanda Palmer

I’ve decided to group my Metromix reviews together as they roll out, rather than one by one. Things are heating up here at Camp Morphizm and I am busier than ever. So whenever you see Metromixed! in the subject line, know that you’re about to land a righteous load of reviews, most of them good. Speaking of good, meet Amanda Palmer.

Amanda Palmer
Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

With punk cabaret upstarts Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer revealed her gift for poetry, drama and the dark sonics that both sometimes demand. On her own, she’s collaborated with the Boston Pops, Aberdeen City and Ben Folds, who produced and contributed to “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?”

The Hungry Saw

Since forming in 1991 from the ashes of their former band the Asphalt Ribbons, Tindersticks have fashioned a comfortable career by avoiding fashion altogether, eschewing the grunge and guitar noise of their peers. Instead, they reached back and mashed soul music and punk rock to create curious, emotional hybrids on six full-lengths, four live efforts and various compilations and collections. The band folded in 2003, going on indefinite hiatus until a retrospective set in 2006 recharged their creative batteries. The culmination of the second chance is The Hungry Saw, a 21st century tone poem for an uglier, louder world. MORE @ METROMIX