Pixies + Dali = ?

Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel’s controversial Surrealist short Un Chien Andalou messed with humankind’s head upon its release in 1928. In the late ’80s, it took aim at the ears, after inspiring the Pixies’ classic anthem “Debaser.” That streak continued once the Pixies’ “Debaser” went on to inspire everyone from David Bowie to Rogue Wave.

Recent news that Antonio Banderas has engaged in final negotiations to play Dali in an upcoming biopic, according to Variety, has us scratching our heads again. It’s so crazy that it just might work. But added to earlier news that Disney has pushed back the DVD release of Destino, its curious 1948 collaboration with Dali, to 2010, and now we’ve got a headache.

All the Dali news fit to print, but no love for the ears?

No worries. This fun mashup of the Pixies’ “Debaser” with Dali and Bunuel’s Un Chien Andalou ought to tide us over until Destino and Banderas’ Dali film hit the screens. Listening Post has its own soundtrack ideas for the biopic, and they definitely include using “Debaser.” That must happen. Must, I say!

This article appeared at Wired

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