Jesus Forgives The Beatles

As we crawl to the end of 2008 and chill for a day at Thanksgiving, I would like to give props where props are due. That means you, Vatican. It’s nice that you finally got around to forgiving John Lennon for boasting that The Beatles were bigger than Jesus, who we admit has a birthday coming up. But you might have wanted to pick a better time than the 40th anniversary of The White Album. I tackled the thorny holiday sonics in a shorty for Wired.

Vatican Forgives Lennon’s Controversial Jesus Slam
Sure, we’d argue that The White Album, which is really named The Beatles, is a more lasting classic than its globally influential predecessor. But you might want to consider the fact that Charles Manson misread the double-album as a code for an apocalyptic class and race war, George Harrison suggests “a damn good whacking” for “Pigs” in power, Lennon calls for “Revolution” not once but twice (that is, after he claims that “Happiness is a Warm Gun”), and McCartney kicks off the effort with a sex parody about Russian girls. MORE @ WIRED

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