Ask DJ Shadow Returns!

LONG BEFORE DJ Shadow became an electro-hop legend, he was answering questions online from scrubs like me. Where did you get the guitar riff for “High Noon?” Who the hell was Colonel Bagshot? Do you owe David Axelrod back pay? Then he got too busy to bother.

But it looks like he finally found some holes in his busy schedule.

He’s recharged the “Ask DJ Shadow” feature on his his official site, so gather up your questions and damn the torpedoes. He’s ready for anything: “No question is too bizarre, too long, or too obscure, so ask away,” his site explains.

I would ask when to expect a follow-up to his underwhelming 2006 effort The Outsider, the only stumbling block in his otherwise invigorating career. That run includes stellar releases like Private Press, the dizzying Preemptive Strike and his epochal debut Endtroducing, as well as more EPs and collaborations that you can count.

He’s a good sport, as I’ve found out in a couple of interviews. Have fun with him. He’s up for it.

This article appeared at Wired

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