Autolux Gets Lost In Transit

I covered All Tomorrow’s Parties New York remotely from Los Angeles for Wired, because the My Bloody Valentine-powered package show was just that awesome. But for the last four years, few bands have been as awesome at Autolux, whose 2004 effort Future Perfect has yet to be bested this deep into 2008. I interviewed Autolux drummer and titanium cyborg Carla Azar and posted the mind-meld on Wired yesterday. Feed your head: It’s been a presidential term since Future Perfect. What’s the holdup? It’s been hell.

Carla Azar: Transit Transit will be finished soon. There’s no release date yet, because we held off on deciding what avenue we wanted to take putting it out. Once it’s finished, we will make that decision. We didn’t have much support from the label on the last one. Do you have a label now?

Carla Azar: We’re in between labels. We’ve been approached by a couple, but we wanted to wait until it was done. We’re underground. You’ll know soon enough. Thinking of doing it yourself online?

Carla Azar: We’re not going to do it online through the site. We need a distributor, and we want to be in control of our masters. We own Future Perfect, so we’re spoiled. Because we now own the record, we’re not getting 15 percent of no money, so the label drama worked out for the best. Times have changed for the labels.

Carla Azar: Times have changed so much. The music industry has been totally deconstructed. Major labels are terrified. But we’ve just finished a record that we love. No one is looming over our shoulders trying to create fear.

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