Underwater Welder Goes Transmedia With Ryan Gosling

Jeff Lemire has been creating some of the most unique comics of the last decade. Just ask Ryan Gosling, whose interest in Lemire’s recent stunner, Underwater Welder, may bear cinematic fruit.

Read below for more on Underwater Welder making the jump to film, and my previous interviews with Lemire.

The New York Times Bestseller from Top Shelf/IDW has been Optioned for a Feature Film

THE UNDERWATER WELDER is the mind–bending graphic novel written by critically acclaimed, award–winning cartoonist Jeff Lemire, and published by Top Shelf/IDW.

Ryan Gosling, Ken Kao, and Anonymous Content will produce the film.

The New York Times bestselling graphic novel details a man in the dangerous profession of underwater welding, who has a supernatural encounter at the bottom of the sea.

Jeff Lemire, Chris Staros (Editor–in–Chief, Top Shelf), and Ted Adams (CEO and Publisher, IDW Publishing) are attached as executive producers.

The deal was brokered on Jeff Lemire’s behalf by Angela Cheng Caplan of the Cheng Caplan Company, Inc. and Allison Binder, esq. of Stone, Genow, Smelkinson, Binder & Christopher, LLP, and on Top Shelf/IDW’s behalf by Tuvyah Aronoff of Schwell Wimpfheimer & Associates.


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