Kyle Baker Takes Alice Through The Glass

August 16, 2008 Morphizm 0

Classics Illustrated still makes sweet comics, especially when its narratives nab compatible visuals. Rick Geary’s dispassionate pen has blessed the new Papercutz series, a pairing that has been explored before […]

Salon: Writing in the Margins

February 1, 2005 Morphizm 0

Welcome to Morphizm’s collection of my Salon column, “Writing in the Margins.” I’d like to thank my editor, my family and, most importantly, my planet.

Daniel Clowes, Going Underground

November 24, 2004 Morphizm 0

Dan Clowes releases a new ‘Eightball’ and follows up ‘Ghost World’ with another feature film, ‘Art School Confidential.’ At what point does ‘undergound comic artist’ lose its meaning?