Post Up! Batman and Captain America’s Ed Brubaker’s Brings the Ultraviolence

Some heavy Wired action on the way, Morphizm pals. First up, is a tight interview with Marvel and DC Comics scribe Ed Brubaker, the man tried to kill Captain America and made Batman want to kill everyone. Let’s talk tech noir:

From Batman to Incognito, Ed Brubaker Loves the Ultraviolence
“I was a juvenile delinquent, basically,” Brubaker told “That’s where I think it started.”

But it looks like his career turnaround is doing just fine, thanks. The Eisner and Ignatz winner’s Sleeper series is going wide-screen, with Tom Cruise and Sam Raimi currently attached. Meanwhile, his latest Marvel series, Incognito (pictured), on newsstands Dec. 10, throws a supervillain into the Witness Protection Program.

Brubaker spoke with about Incognito, why Batman kicks much ass (and Captain America doesn’t) and why noir and comics go together like peanut butter and chocolate. MORE @ WIRED