Q-Tip Resurrects Kamaal the Abstract

A Tribe Called Quest architect Q-Tip created a hypnotic solo album that stretched hip-hop’s envelope years ago. So why did it just drop today? File this one under “Lessons the music industry has still not learned.” I explained it on Metromix.

Q-Tip, Kamaal the Abstract
Equal parts musical experimentation and soulful exploration, “Kamaal the Abstract” is a moving head trip. Extended improvisations like “Do You Dig U?” feature producer J Dilla’s narcotic thump and a soaring flute solo. “A Million Times” marries Q-Tip’s plucky guitar and atmospheric humming with an organ solo that won’t quit. The bop-pop of “Barely in Love,” this effort’s best joint, bounces like mad to inspired live drumming and hand claps; it’s an obvious single that would have paid dividends to Arista if it had kept the faith in Q-Tip’s instincts. Meanwhile, Quest fans looking for head-bobbing hip-hop would have felt right at home with “Abstractionisms” and “Heels,” which could have leapt off of “Midnight Marauders.” MORE @ METROMIX