Post Up: Rush Gets Snubbed, Sony Gets Desperate

I spent a great Saturday asking the hard questions at Wired. Why hasn’t Rush been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet? Why would Sony charge $5000 for a reprint of Billy Joel’s contact sheet? OK, maybe those aren’t really hard questions.

Would You Pay $1,700 For a Digital Print of Dylan?

How about Thelonious Monk? Charles Mingus? Or Miles Davis, pictured above? With CD sales tanking and a recession upon the land, Sony BMG is stretching out and selling photos from its vaults. And while some of the shots are beautifully vivid, and deeply appeal to consumer nostalgia, they’re nowhere near cheap. In fact, given the current financial state of the music industry, the limited-edition prints on Sony’s new Icon Collectibles site seem prohibitively expensive.


Settle the Beef: Does Rush Deserve the Hall of Fame?

“You are yet to be inducted,” Stephen Colbert asked the Canadian power trio on his show in June. “Is there any chance that your next album will be titled That’s Bullshit?” A fair, and hilarious, question, and one with legs. In honor of Listening Post’s recent Rush tangent, I decided to ask my contact at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland if the institution would field some questions on the matter. They agreed, so here I am, Rush fans and haters, asking for your help.


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