Post Up: Stereolab’s Chemical Pop, Stooges’ Gear Stolen

Happy Monday, Morphizm pals. Still reeling from the weekend Rush, which continues to attract comments like McCain attracts flies.

But there is some bad news: Some asshole stole all of The Stooges’ instruments in Montreal. But there’s is some good news as well. Stereolab has a new disc out soon, and Wired has landed the band’s exclusive videos. There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain.

Exclusive Video: Stereolab’s Chemical Pop
On August 19, iconic label 4AD releases Chemical Chords, Stereolab’s first real full-length effort since 2005’s Margerine Collapse. According to band leader Tim Gane, the effort is “a collection of “purposefully short, dense, fast pop songs,” which is music to the ears of Stereolab lifers, although perhaps not everyone else. MORE

Help Recover The Stooges’ Stolen Gear!
On Monday outside of the Embassy Suites in Montreal, some tool looted The Stooges’ rented Penske truck and made off with everything from Mike Watt’s bass, pictured above, to Ron Asheton guitars and Scott Asheton’s drums. It is truly a crime against rock, and the thief should hang his head in shame. MORE

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