Post Up: All Hail Rush’s Anthem

I posted this entry on Wired last week, but it has since proven to have sturdy legs. Perhaps it is because Rush was a monstrous power trio before it became a prog-rock legend. In either case, this video of the band’s burner “Anthem” shreds. Listen, read and weep.

All Hail Rush’s “Anthem”

Rush broke its 30-year televised silence a couple weeks ago, finally appearing on The Colbert Report and playing a live version of “Tom Sawyer” so long that it lasted over two episodes. Hilarious. But the highlight of the show wasn’t “Tom Sawyer” or Colbert trying to stage an intervention for Neil Peart’s drum addiction. It was a video snippet of “Anthem,” the full version of which is at right, from the power trio’s 1975 effort Fly By Night. It was, in a word, invigorating.


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