Fishbone Get Deep With The Beat

As the kinetically amped front man for punk-funketeers Fishbone, Angelo Moore has destroyed stages and blown minds since the early ’80s. Similarly, as the spearhead of the English Beat’s invasion of the ’80s pop mainstream, Dave Wakeling has written some of the most memorable songs in existence, including “Mirror in the Bathroom” and “Too Nice to Talk To.” The two join forces through February and March to school Generation Xbox on their true-school fusions of ska, rock and pop, using their decades-deep catalogs as textbooks. Don’t worry, this won’t be on the test.

Quickie Q&A: Fishbone, the English Beat

[Scott Thill, Metromix]

Names: Angelo Moore, Dave Wakeling
Occupations: Vocalists and leaders of Fishbone and the English Beat, respectively
Sounds like: Two pioneering titans of ‘80s ska-rock
Latest project: “Spring Skaward” U.S. tour, plus a new Fishbone documentary
Official Web sites:;

Both of you are celebrating band anniversaries: the 30th anniversary of the Beat’s debut album “I Just Can’t Stop It” and the 25th anniversary of Fishbone’s breakthough single, “Party at Ground Zero.” What’s the best gift we could give you?
Angelo Moore: Mega-advertisement.
Dave Wakeling: A nice big, bouncing, dancing audience. Followed by a nice big, full-bodied cup of tea.

Do you both have new music coming up in 2010? What can we look forward to?
Angelo: We’ve got new music coming up. Just keep saving your money.
Dave: We’ve already done eight demos that record companies liked, and just finished eight more. We expect to be recording and releasing tracks this year.

Angelo, what’s the word on that Fishbone documentary?
Angelo: “Everyday Sunshine,” the Fishbone documentary, will be coming out sometime this March at the film festivals.


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