Feeding The Resistance

In a globally warming, warring world where Americans throw away half the food they grow, nourishing activism with a heart and mind in service of renewable peace is paramount. Enter author Julia Turshen, who I profiled for Civil Eats.

Julia Turshen Wants to Feed the Resistance

When Julia Turshen found herself frightened and dismayed after the last election, she responded by doing what she does best—she wrote a book: Feed the Resistance, which makes its debut today. The woman Eater called a “cookbook superstar and noted chef whisperer” has worked on many of the most successful cookbooks of the last several years, including Gwyneth Paltrow’s It’s All Good, Dana Corwin’s Mastering my Own Mistakes, and her own recent solo effort, Small Victories.

But rather than compile a traditional cookbook, Turshen worked with a host of other culinary personalities and experts to write a guide and recipe collection for resisting through food. She also hatched a plan to give all proceeds directly to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Proudly identifying as a gay, rural, Jewish American “fairly new to regular activism,” Turshen has more than a few good reasons to focus on resisting the Trump administration. She’s hopeful that, by the time the next major election rolls around, Americans will come to their senses. Until then, she writes, the resistance must keep moving, because activism is “no longer a few sprints here or there. It’s a marathon.”

“I define resistance as the opposition to oppression,” Turshen told me. “As long as oppression exists, so must resistance. And just as oppression occurs in so many different ways, reisistance must be just as varied.”

This article appeared at CIVIL EATS

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