David Lynch’s Weird, Wired World

Wired: When you started DavidLynch.com, you said the internet was still “sleepy” and slow. But now with a few years under your belt, has the sleeper, to quote Dune, awakened yet?
Lynch: The sleeper hasn’t awakened yet. It’s weird. Obviously, the internet is huge and getting bigger, but it is divided…. And I guess MySpace is the place where people go now, but even that’s divided, know what I mean?
But over here (at DavidLynch.com), we’ve got our thinking caps strapped on. We’ve got a great bunch in our membership who all really like each other and find things to talk about. And when we get new members, they really like the site and say that it’s different from other sites…. It’s all an experiment. I want to find things that fire me up, and see if it works for the people.