Can TheNewNo2 Make It Home From Liam Lynch’s Sci-Fi?

Dhani Harrison’s dread zeppelin is led through a puzzling digital dreamscape in thenewno2‘s new video for “Make It Home.”

In the video, embedded above, delivery boy Harrison’s airborne airstream is bedeviled by raiding skeletons during a hallucinogenic head-trip to what looks like a drop-off with a cybernetic demigod.

Directed by Liam Lynch — whose cult productions like The Sifl and Olly Show, Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny and especially the hysterical video for Dan Deacon’s “Drinking Out of Cups” skew similarly strange — “Make It Home” is a nice slice of lo-fi sci-fi.

But what it all really means, man, is a mystery to Harrison, the Prisoner-inspired architect of thenewno2′s trip-pop sound.

“Liam saw the whole thing as a dream,” Harrison told Wired. “He said he enjoyed making it, because he never made a dream into something you can see in real life. I said, ‘Yeah, that sounds mental, let’s do it.’ I trust him.”

This article appeared at WIRED

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