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Batman: The Brave and the Bold Boldly Returns
[Scott Thill, Wired.com]
Its winter hibernation concluded, Cartoon Network’s lighthearted but somewhat subversive animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold returns with 13 new episodes starting Friday. The show returns with babes in tow, female and otherwise.

Friday night’s uproarious “Night of the Huntress” debuts not just female costumed crime-fighters Huntress and Black Canary, but also Baby Face’s jailhouse concubine, Mrs. Manface, who sports a five o’clock shadow while kissing her (his?) cherubic hubby. Wait, this is a kids’ show, right? MORE @ WIRED

Robot Chicken Crew to Launch Mecha Spoof Titan Maximum
Robot Chicken’s pop-culture vultures Tom Root, Matt Senreich and Seth Green are priming Adult Swim’s pump for a new stop-motion spoof called Titan Maximum, which is set to premiere in September. But this time, they’re shooting for character and story, instead of cheap gags and shock value.

OK, who are we kidding? They’re shooting for all of those. MORE @ WIRED

Colbert Bugs Out, Donates His Birthday
Hyper-real talking head Stephen Colbert loves himself so much that he wants everything in the world named after him. Thursday, he settled for a beetle with hairy balls.

Entomologists Quentin Wheeler and Kelly Miller announced the naming of Agaporomorphus colberti in a birthday card to Colbert, who turns 45 on May 13.

It’s a suitable gift for an artist — or is that a character? — who has changed the face of comedy and news on television: The Venezuelan beetle belongs to a species that boasts, as Science Daily explained, “fine setae on the dorsal surface of the male’s reproductive organs.” Wonderful. MORE @ WIRED

Stickman Exodus Crew Sticks It to The Fuzz
Atom.com and Waverly Films won the hearts of the people and the pros with their raunchy, hilarious series Stickman Exodus, which nabbed two Webby Awards earlier this month. Now Waverly has been given the green light by Comedy Central to develop five webisodes for an Atom series called The Fuzz, which could hit prime time as a pilot later this year.

But just like last year’s Stickman Exodus (embedded above) was a mature departure from Liquid Television’s similarly inclined ’90s hit Stick Figure Theatre (embedded below), so too will The Fuzz deviate from normal procedural cop series like Hill Street Blues and perhaps even the infamous Cop Rock. MORE @ WIRED

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