The Clone Wars Reboots Star Wars’ Peripheral Players

I’ve been covering the smoking new iteration of Star Wars known as The Clone Wars for Wired since its first animated episode aired earlier this year. It’s far better than many of the films, and packs as much action into one half-hour as some series pack into an entire season. My latest spiel for Wired will clue you further into what is shaping up to be the best animated series on television.

Clone Wars Reboots Star Wars’ Peripheral Players
Kit Fisto may have been felled too easily by Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith, after chewing up about as much screen time as Greedo in A New Hope.

But like other intriguing characters from the Star Wars multiverse, he’s getting his own episode in The Clone Wars, which has served as a suitable afterlife for peripheral figures just like him. MORE @ WIRED

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