The National Parks

They called me into the office around dawn.

“We want you to clear out the National Parks.”

Pre-stimulant. Interpolation issues.

“You want me to clear out the National Parks?”

He leaned back, exasperated. Nodded into the corner.

A larger shadow unraveled in Nth speed and smacked me across the face. When my eyes stopped watering, I recognized The Suit.

Mental note.

“They want them back,” He snarled. “What’s left of them. And they are paying for it, unlike the others. Mining is money, and money is mining.”

“I can clear them all across the territories but I’ll need a little time,” I said, blinking through backups and trying not to engage The Suit.

“Earth already killed off most, but some are in demand beyond reach. To reach them …”

“Equals your problem,” He snapped. Time blinked and both were gone.

I already had a plan, but I hadn’t planned on running into them. Don’t fear change.

Change fear.