Post Up! Videos To Go, Featuring Weezer, The Sea and Cake and Loquat

Welcome back from the economic brink, pals of Morphizm! I have been busy hiding from reality at Wired’s music blog Listening Post, getting lost in videos and forgetting about my stock portfolio. Good timing, as new reels from pop-culture vulture Weezer, post-rock weirdo The Sea and Cake, and chillout specialist Loquat have premiered, just in time for my daydream needs. Roll it and weep!

Loquat’s Red Ballons Deliver Haunting Poptronica

To be sure, the video for “Harder Hit” is all homage and atmosphere, winning no points for originality. But in these days of stock market implosions, nauseating elections and geopolitical conflict, sometimes it’s nice to just press play and daydream while the world crashes around you. Loquat is very helpful that way.


The Sea and Cake’s Aimless ‘Weekend’ Rules

“May the days be aimless. Let the seasons drift. Do not advance the action according to a plan.” So go the early words of Don DeLillo’s masterful postmodernist novel White Noise. But the desire could easily apply to both The Sea and Cake’s song and video, “Weekend.”


Weezer’s New Video Rewrites the Guinness Book

Weezer is one clever band determined to stay relevant in a changing pop culture soundscape. Its earlier video for “Pork and Beans” recruited a gang of YouTube stars, thereby increasing its chances at buzz by about a billion. Its latest video for “Troublemaker” is equally forthright in its desire to stick around, this time by setting records.