The Jam’s Paul Weller Dreams of Sleep

A shiteload of my Metromix reviews hit all at once, including this one for Paul Weller, architect of The Jam, Style Council and other bands. Over the last three decades, dude has been busy. No wonder his latest disc is 21 songs long:

Paul Weller
22 Dreams

22 Dreams is 21 tracks (why only 21? who knows?) of multi-hued, radio-friendly, mature songcraft. Its expansiveness could easily be mistaken for schizophrenia, were it not for the anchor of Weller’s graveled, earnest voice behind each sonic adventure. The sparse, brooding acoustic guitar of the opener “Light Nights” is as compelling as the Barry White-disco of “Empty Ring” is disposable. The title track is a throwback to the horn-fueled, guitar-charged parties of the Jam, but the lonely piano of “Invisible” could easily be mistaken for Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.” Weller is all over the place here, but that is his gift: he’s always worn many hats. And who are we to tell him he should throw any of them away? MORE @ METROMIX

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