Dinosaur Jr. Rules the Rock Farm

Dinosaur Jr. plugged the ’80s back into distortion and riffage, and changed music for better in the process. Then, it fell apart. But now, it’s back together again, and the noise is sweet indeed.

Dinosaur Jr., The Farm
[Scott Thill, Metromix]

“Farm” is formulaic Dinosaur Jr.—Mascis’ melodic but pounding distortion and cooed whine, Murph’s thrashed drums, Barlow’s chugging bass—but in this case, that’s a good thing. Openers “Pieces” and “I Want You to Know” explode out of the gate, while the stately “Plans” unfurls like a freak flag. Barlow steps to the microphone at last on the angular weirdness of “Your Weather” and “Imagination Blind.” And the band gets positively epic on the subtle sweep of “Said the People” and the deafening “I Don’t Wanna Go There.” All told, it’s a blazing comeback, proving that “Beyond” was no one-night stand.


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