Mew Makes Music For Mindfuckers

Sometimes you hit the home run, and sometimes you don’t. Denmark’s Mew hit it out of the park on its last album, a concept head-trip called And the Glass Handed Kites. This time around, not so much. Plus, even my editor didn’t like the review. But I still liked Mew’s psychedelic swing, even if it only hit a double. My maligned review for Metromix has the rest.

Mew, No More Stories…

While it doesn’t shred like “Glass Handed Kites,” “No More Stories…” still tells enough dreamy tales to keep listeners stoned on good vibrations. Majestic opener “New Terrain” mixes backward and forward tracking to splendid results, while swirling stomp “Repeaterbeater” blends just enough crunch and bounce to avoid convention. The down-tempo “Silas the Magic Car” wobbles forward with subtlety, as does swelling closer “Reprise.” But most of the “No More Stories…” leans heavily on the jagged post-punk of “Vaccine,” “Beach” and even the quasi-funk of “Introducing Palace Players.” It’s lighter fare, but still filling.


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