Can Aspartame Kill You?

December 29, 2009 Morphizm 0

Well, let’s start wrapping up the stragglers from my year’s worth of content, shall we? Starting with this investigation of the sugar substitute aspartame, which can either kill you outright […]

Ten Ways to Screw the Screwers

December 21, 2009 Morphizm 0

From economic misery and political impotence to environmental waste and social catastrophe, American culture is overburdened by nightmares. I wrote an acidic but nevertheless educational rant for AlerNet on how […]

Copenhagen: The Courage to Say No

December 19, 2009 Morphizm 0

[Naomi Klein, The Nation] On the ninth day of the Copenhagen climate summit, Africa was sacrificed. The position of the G-77 negotiating bloc, including African states, had been clear: a […]

The Heavy Merges Power Soul, Hip-Hop

December 16, 2009 Morphizm 0

[Remy Schneider, Morphizm] The Heavy, The House That Dirt Built First listen Sentence Fragment: Garage-funktronic swing sung by a testosterone-injected Nina Simone. Further Analysis: The House That Dirt Built morphs […]