All Hail the Return of Autolux!

I have been writing about the sublime art noise of Autolux for years now — and yet they always sound fresh to me. The Los Angeles power trio’s latest effort, Pussy’s Dead, is thankfully out now, and all four of its hypnotic videos have finally been released. Check all of them out at Autolux’s official site, and click below for more of Morphizm’s coverage of Autolux’s ambitious work, and other music that matters.

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Autolux Gets Lost in Transit

Autolux guitarist Greg Edwards, a Shields disciple, is now a father, and passed up the chance to open for My Bloody Valentine to witness the birth of another beautiful noisemaker.

“There is no one like them,” Autolux drummer Carla Azar told me by phone, before her band pulled the plug on playing at ATP. “No one should be compared to them, especially us. Greg is definitely influenced by their music, but it would be hard to say that we touch themat all. They do it better than anyone.”