Geek The Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour Reboots For Millennials

Some things are better in hindsight — especially things created by The Beatles, who were consistently ahead of their time. For proof look no further than their film Magical Mystery Tour, which did terribly upon its release but could find a more receptive audience in the hipsters of Generation Y.

“What you are about to see is the product of our imaginations,” Paul McCartney says in the reissue trailer (below) for The Beatles’ 1967 film. “And believe me, at this point they’re quite vivid.”

Magical Mystery Tour‘s vividly colorful imagination, out Oct. 9 in a bonus-packed Blu-ray and DVD reboot (and perhaps in theaters near you), has aged into our new century better than originally advertised. Sloppy and surreal, it was hastily made for the masses by four fully altered media titans at the peak of their collective powers. And they were a Fab Four, mind you, who had just decided not to tour among said hysterical masses because political and cultural change had gotten too, for lack of a better term, real. And it bombed.

But the mainstream blowback from its lamely black-and-white, day-after-Christmas airing just generated ever more Beatles geeks. And that is, of course, how their hyperreality machine hums onward. One man’s crap made-for-TV movie becomes another fan’s Pythonesque art trip, and the popular tastes of the ensuing decades makes up the difference. Who’s your Walrus now?