Dark Or Light, Batman Is Our Mythic Cipher

I have been a Batman scholar for decades now, although I have only professionally analyzed The Dark Knight for more than one. And what I have found is that he is a mythic cipher, more than capable of meeting demand across social, economic, political and cultural divides.

Two recent convergences are notable. One is the animated adaptation of DC Comics’ Justice League Dark series, an esoteric effort wherein Batman anchors the publisher’s stable of supernatural heroes and villains as Earth hangs in the balance. The other is the more accessible, self-aware hilarity of The Lego Batman Movie, currently clocking $100 million at the malls.

Despite being on the opposite ends of the pop spectrum, Batman is flawless in both, being all things to all people. Check out these clips and pics and see for yourself. Then read below for more of my Batman coverage, if you need a history lesson.