Watchmen Box Office Still Looks Solid

Last week, I prophesied that the armchair quarterbacks foretelling Watchmen imminent demise were smoking the wrong numbers. I stand by that thesis, which has now been proven nearly correct by Watchmen’s performance at the box office this past weekend, in a new spiel for Wired.

Long Term Watchmen Box Office Still Looks Solid
[Scott Thill, Wired]
Race to Witch Mountain squashed Watchmen at the box-office over the weekend. Attendance for Zack Snyder’s controversial adaptation dropped by two-thirds to around $18 million in receipts, while the the Disney remake hauled in an estimated $25 million.

But the dystopian comic blockbuster isn’t dead yet. Far from it.

With over $49 million in total international receipts to go with its domestic take of over $86 million, chatter about Watchmen’s failure to recoup its $200 million expense is grinding to a halt. And, as noted earlier, until potential blockbusters Terminator Salvation, Star Trek and X-Men Origins: Wolverine arrive in May, Watchmen has few rivals on the horizon. It seems likely that Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ canonical comic will survive its evolution to the big screen just fine, thanks. MORE @ WIRED

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