SolarCity Takes Crowdfunding Path to Speed Solar Boom

In the last year, SolarCity’s common stock has gone supernova, from the $10s to the $70s at the speed of light. And I should know, because I’m a proud greenvestor dedicated to the fight against catastrophic climate change. If individuals, industries and nations unplugged our dirty fuel infrastructure and instead funded renewable power futurists like SolarCity, Solar Mosaic and many more, we might not be as far behind as we are.

But SolarCity’s debt securitization innovation — in which the public can directly securitize the company’s national solar infrastructure buildout through an online investment platform — promises to heat up ROI just as quickly as its share price.

It might sound like crowdfunding, the approach taken by Mosaic, GRID and other solar champions not backstopped by billionaire Elon Musk. But Solar City’s approach is business as usual for institutional investors, who capitalize at length on securitizations and then pass what’s left onto the hungrier public. By opening their economic advantage to everyone and anyone, Solar City has let the vastly larger public into executive backrooms to see if it can triumph where the suits have stalled.