Twin Piqued: David Lynch’s TV Legend Makes Musical Comeback

In June 1991, David Lynch concluded his paradigmatic television series Twin Peaks with a destablizing finale. A challenging 1992 prequel film came next and then…nothing. Until now.


From shoegaze reunions and documentaries to the forthcoming September release of Amanda Palmer’s solo effort Who Killed Amanda Palmer? it seems that Twin Peaks‘ doomed heroine is back. It is safe to say she, and the series, never went anywhere: Lynch’s ambitious, hallucinatory show changed TV for good, setting the table for further successes as different as Six Feet Under, The X-Files and more.

But musical patterns are emerging that offer more direct connections, starting with shoegaze.

The series made a major impact, admitted Swervedriver front man Adam Franklin recently to me during an interview on the reunion of bands from the late ’80s and early ’90s, including those who have yet to announce a comeback.

“Everyone was watching that show,” Franklin says. “Angelo Badalamenti had a huge influence on the shoegaze sound.”