State-by-State Solar Rankings Show the Power of Smart Incentives

The hearty policy analysts of Solar Power Rocks have once again compiled their annual state-by-state solar rankings. And while there is much good news to be had, there is little in the way of surprise. That’s because financial incentives and investment returns on residential solar panel installations remain strong in traditionally progressive states — and top performers — like New York, Massachusetts, California and Oregon.

Meanwhile, states dominated by the coal, oil and gas industries like Alabama, Idaho, Georgia and Kentucky are predictably bringing up the rear. The reason continues to be that they, along with other renewable energy laggards like Arkansas and Oklahoma, have few to no policies and paybacks in place to reward conscientious solar adopters, dependent as they are on last century’s obsolete infrastructures and dirty fuels. “Lawmakers in the Cowboy State have really dropped the lasso on this one,” Solar Power Rocks wisecracks about Wyoming, although it might as well be speaking of all of the losers on its informative list.