Cli-Fi: Global Patriots Posterize The War On Terra

Like it or not, the War on Terra is here to stay. The debate over its reality is redundant. The shape of its evolution is what matters. So I set forth for Wired with multimedia heavyweights like Shepard Fairey, DJ Spooky and more to remind you of its catastrophic possibility, through the medium of warm but wise graphic posters. Whatever works, dude.

Green Patriot Posters Reinvigorate Environmental Message

Green Patriot Posters is an arty hangover cure for Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving that has become a national spasm of hyperconsumption.

Thumbing through the book’s ecology-themed imagery, created by multimediators like Shepard Fairey and DJ Spooky, won’t stab you in the gut with dogma — but it could tickle your conscience.

“Co-editor Dmitri Siegel and I started Green Patriot Posters because we felt the sustainability movement needs better images and messages to connect with people,” co-editor Edward Morris told in an e-mail interview. “It needs more positivity and urgency, and a better connection to values that aren’t simply about nature and conservation, which not everybody cares about, but also jobs and a better future.”

The visual meditations on sustainability and overload evoke World War II–era posters that inspired the campaign. The posters can be torn out of the book and plastered somewhere useful.

Click through the Green Patriot Posters gallery above for a taste of the book’s alternately critical and cute graphics, along with comments from contributing artists.

“America is the child of the Enlightenment,” Morris said. “Climate change is the ultimate challenge to that rationality. The risk of increased conflict, refugees, famine and economic failure are not debatable. Whatever country figures out newer, cheaper, safer forms of energy is the new economic superpower.”