The Story of Creation (Via Twitter)

[Tom McNichol, Morphizm]

Day One
Let there B-lite. OMG! Or shld I say Oh Me! It’s so much easier 2-C now. WTF was I thinking B4? Spent the rest of the day dividing lite from drkness. It is good. 🙂

Day Two
Made a firmament (sort of a dome thing) to divide the waters under firmament from the waters above. Assigned firmament the file name . +<:-) Day Three
Gathered waters and let dry land appear. Dry land tagged , waters tagged . Uploaded grass and herb-yielding seed into folder. GR8!

Day Four
More lighting wk. Installed 1 great lite to rule day [] & lesser lite to rule night []. Beta tested them & everything seems to work. It is gd. 😀

Day Five
Bushed from tweaking fish & fowl files. They wouldn’t be fruitful and multiply until I found it’s a simple command. >:-? Thank Me It’s Friday.

Day Six
Created 2 humans, file names and . At last – I now have 2 Twitter followers! Tweeting just to myself is sooo Day One. LOL! 😉

Day Seven
[no tweets]

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