Post Up: No Doors Without Jim Morrison

Greetings, Morphizm pals. Sorry for the delayed communication. I celebrated my birthday over the weekend, and spent this morning suffering for it. But I did manage to clock some work for Wired on Saturday and Sunday, including this Digg-hot piece on The Doors. Polish those knobs!

It’s Official: No Doors Without Jim Morrison
In 1970, The Doors got into a fight over Buick, the lumbering auto manufacturer that wanted to use the apocalyptic Los Angeles quartet’s “Light My Fire” to sell cars. The agreement that resulted demanded that no business decision be made without approval from all the of band members. Decades after Morrison’s death, that detente has just been fortified by the California Supreme Court.

The remaining Doors have been embroiled in a rerun of that earlier dispute ever since keyboardist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robby Krieger hit the road in 2002 with The Cult vocalist Ian Astbury and clumsily called themselves The Doors of the 21st Century, grossing $8 million in the process. Drummer John Densmore complained, arguing that “of the 21st Century” was barely visible on the tour’s promotional materials and that it used Morrison’s image at length, a clear no-no. Then he sued.

On Friday, according to the Associated Press, he won. MORE @ WIRED

Feel free to join the raging discussion at Wired, or on Digg, where the fur is flying. Meanwhile, enjoy this time warp.

The Doors vs. Apocalypse Now

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