Deerhunter’s Weird Pop Has Excellent Aim

Some very compelling music has come out so far in 2008, from all corners of the sonic universe. But few have sounded as strange yet accessible as Deerhunter’s Microcastle.

I pondered the excellently weird compositions of Bradford Cox and his merry San Francisco band for Metromix. And it was good.

Deerhunter, Microcastle
[Scott Thill, Metromix]

Like “Cryptograms” before it, “Microcastle” rewards repeat listens. It takes time for the ambient spacetracking of “Little Kids,” which sounds like it stepped off a time machine launched from the stoned ’60s. That same Beach Boys-meets-Pixies vibe permeates the entire effort, especially on the deliberate downward strum of the dynamic “Never Stops.” Meanwhile, “Nothing Ever Happened” is a head-bobbing post-punk stomp that keeps on giving, and “Twilight at Carbon Lake” is a multi-movement winner whose guitar-heavy climax closes out “Microcastle,” one of 2008’s best efforts, with a refreshing bang. MORE @ METROMIX