Fracking Ignorance is Party Agnostic

Hillary Clinton has appointed Ken Salazar as the head of her transition team.

This is a major problem.

Shortly after David Sirota spread the news on Salazar’s appointment, I decided to conduct an informal poll on Twitter to see if anyone noticed Salazar’s scandalously ignorant, inflammatory remark on fracking, which I had connected to earthquakes years ago.

Although I anchored my analysis to the tragicomic term frackquake, fracking’s geological destabilization remains no laughing matter.

Someone should tell that to the second Clinton administration.

My poll was sent around with the help of New York Times journalist Andy Revkin and Gasland director Josh Fox.

They cried and laughed at the irony of Salazar daring to both make that statement and be placed in a position of authority by a presidential candidate claiming to be one of the greenest in history.

You can read their tweets alongside my original article below.

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