Exclusive: Barry Sonnenfeld and Grant Morrison’s Sci-Fi Vs. Cli-Fi Experiment, Dominion



Three Mile Pilot

Three Mile Pilot Resets Controls for Heart of Art-Rock Credibility



REM’s Michael Stipe, On Speed


Dahr Jamail

Dystopia Drift: Unembedded With Journalist Dahr Jamail


Neil Halstead, Slowdive

Difference Engine: An Interview With Neil Halstead


Ignore Nothing: An Interview with El-P
Indie-hop titan El-P’s hard-hitting I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead is filled with biohazardous truth. Same goes for the moustache he wouldn’t cut until the epic exegesis on disaster capitalism was done. Good thing it’s finally done: MORE

Spaced Out
Jason Pierce has a thing for fire. So together we poured gasoline on Spiritualized: MORE

Slugs 4 Obama!
Atmosphere’s When Life Gives You Lemons… is all about the hope. And so is Obama: MORE

Melody Maker
From the unreal Swervedriver to the recent Bolts of Melody, Adam Franklin is hell-bent for overdue recogntion: MORE

Chaos Theory
Seattle instro rock outfit Kinski has a new disc stacked with beautiful noise. And vocals riding shotgun: MORE

Party’s Over
Serj Tankian’s debut solo effort Elect the Dead says civilization is over. So why is he smiling? Our interview explains: MORE

Seymour Hersh is a doom prophet with inside sources. So why is he convinced we’ll have an election? MORE

Sacco To Go
A decade ago, art journo Joe Sacco wrote the comic on Palestine. Let us now retrospect: MORE

Rasputina has finally embraced the War on Terror in Oh Perilous World. What took so long? We asked: MORE

In Cold Blood
Rick Geary creates comics that paraphrase history without passion. Our interview explains: MORE

He’s Got Guts!
Cronenberg merged body and sci-fi in ways replicated since. So why no ultraviolence? MORE

Total Chaos
According to our interview with journo and author Jeff Chang, the hip-hop arts movement is far from dead: MORE

Pelican Echoes
If you think wordless metal can bring noise but not brains, we talked to a band that wants to talk to you: MORE

Slice and Dice
Cake blew up with a cover song, but they’re even better at blasting “War Pigs.” Our interview explains: MORE

“How My Brain Works”
From sci-fi to hip-hop, Michel Gondry has a gift for visual invention. And we have a lot of questions for him: MORE

A Bit Awkward
The Pixies’ doc loudQUIETloud captured the band selling out stadiums and ignoring each other. Our interview explains: MORE

DIY or Die
Art-punk corn dogs The Minutemen were brazen heroes. It’s about fucking time someone gave them a biopic. MORE

Not a Slave
300 director Zack Snyder may be a friend to CGI, but does he know when to leave it alone? MORE


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