Isaac Cordel’s Follow the Leaders — “the collapse of capitalism and the side effects of progress.”

Cli-Fi is the Real, as sci-fi passes into memory. A capitalist anachronism, exhausted by a self-fulfilling mass extinction.

Mass extinction’s mother tongue, cli-fi speaks of narratives which nations have manufactured for millennia to re(de)fine nature. As they are constructed and discarded, on an astronomically lucky paradise melting beyond contemporary understanding, and reproducing turbulent new abnormals.

Since mainstreaming the term at Wired and more in 2010, I’ve since written of cli-fi’s power to reshape how humanity will respond, perhaps survive, the catastrophe it has created. I’ve picked the brains and probed the hearts of Margaret Atwood, William Gibson, Alan Moore, and (many) more futurists and scientists exploring the triumphs and failures of our master narratives, upstart subtexts, (un)settled science, the fringe and The Force.

And now I am writing the book on it.

The Technocratic Exhaustion

Anchored to the universal principle that everything is connected, cli-fi blossoms from the failure of science and its fiction, as both degrade through technocracy’s lethal translation.

The Heat Death of Sci-Fi

“I like exact labeling,” Margaret Atwood told me, as I probed proper terminology. “Sci-fi is that which we’re probably not going to see.”

The Patriarchal Annihilation

Privileging wars and warriors, from Dr. Strangelove and The Fog of War‘s mad scientist Robert McNamara and beyond, Big Science has rarely met an annihilation it didn’t absolutely love to death.

Global Warming is (the) Real

With the ascendance of climate science, humanity has at last, but perhaps too late, crunched the exponentially horrific data of our terrorized present and dystopian future. And there’s no back button.

Mother Tongue, Glacial Eye

Climate fiction aims across art and science to re-enchant and reorient destabilized Earth and its earthlings, anchoring an epochal evolution to the planet itself, as well as dreams of the stars.

Earth National Park!

From David Brower’s radical concept to E.O. Wilson’s Half-Earth, from decelerations like degrowth and deconsumption, to accelerations like reforestation and rewiliding, from masterpieces of Hayao Miyazaki to the future industries of Elon Musk. Then, what comes next.

Who Am I?