What Will the Market for Renewable Energy Look Like in 2030?

Like many others, the International Renewable Energy Association has released a global road map to clean energy. But unlike others, IRENA’s REmap 2030 is looking to double renewable energy worldwide by 2030, using technologies available today. The hope is to increase efficiency and access in hopes of advancing “the share of renewables in the global energy mix up to 36 percent,” the report said.

The no-brainer? The cost to do so is nothing compared to the cost of sitting idly by while catastrophic climate change annually rings up billions in losses, damage and tragedy.

“When considering climate change mitigation, health impact and job creation, the transition practically pays for itself,” said IRENA’s director-general Adnan Z. Amin in a press release. “More renewables in the energy system provide greater flexibility, increase energy independence, and make the system more resilient.”