Watchmen Tunes Merge Comic, Cash

My deep coverage of Watchmen for Wired continues unabated. This time, I dig into the comic’s sonics, and how they didn’t make the trip to the silver screen unscathed. Cover your ears.

Watchmen Soundtrack Merges History, Money
[Scott Thill, Wired]
Few comic books have knit together as many artistic, cultural and political strands as Watchmen, which has finally made the jump from graphic novel to popcorn blockbuster. That’s perfect for studios searching for product tie-ins but perhaps not such a great thing for fans of the comic.

Take the music of Watchmen, for example. Like few that preceded it, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ comic sampled pop culture’s musical history like skilled DJs. From Wagner, Billie Holiday and Elvis to the Dead, Dylan and Iggy, Watchmen cited music in nearly every chapter to keep its dense narrative afloat. Sure enough, some of those tunes made Watchmen’s official soundtrack, released Tuesday, which is great news for fans incapable of making their own playlists or mix discs.

The slightly good news is that some of the music that made it into the film, but not the comic, didn’t make it to the soundtrack. The bad news? Some lousy songs made both the film and the soundtrack, but never made the comic at all. MORE @ WIRED

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